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Chopping Block NYC 41 John St New York NY 10038

It’s not hard to find good food in New York City, but how about finding unique and the absolute best food in NYC? Several times a year, I would take a trip down to the financial district to hang out, and see what’s new. Within the past few months, the Fulton Center station and One World Trade has opened up. So that gives a lot of people reason to be downtown in FiDi.

In my many years of experience, FiDi never really had much good food. In more recent years, they places like the BonChon chicken place and mostly fast food/coffee shops. Well, more recently I discovered a new hidden gem in NYC, and it was right in FiDi! This was the Chopping Block. They don’t have any flashy signs or banners, but once you do find them, they’re a restaurant that you will never forget. They are located on 41 John St, New York NY 10038 right between Nassau and William streets.

What makes Chopping Block special is that they are a real restaurant with real coffee as well. Their menu offers you a selection of slow roast meats that you can either have in a sandwich or a salad. These meats are roasted and spiced in house with their unique recipes. The sandwich is then hot pressed giving it a great crunch. The salads are fresh and organic. The sauces and choices of spices they use are very unique, and that reflects on every option on their menu and even comes down to their popcorn. Yes, their popcorn is delicious, spiced, and stove-top popped!

On my first visit, I remember ordering the Fuego sandwich, which sounded awesome and spicy. It was spicy! It came with spicy herbed chicken, avocado, cilantro, spicy chipotle sauce and some other goodies. It was that sandwich that really got me hooked to this new restaurant. I have since tried many of their other menu items including the Roast Beast and the Brisket Rubenesque.

On top of having a great selection of unique, fresh, and quality food items, they have a great selection of beverages as well. You will not find a coke can or a sprite can there. They offer glass bottled mexican Cocacola’s, Fentimen’s, and other higher end beverages including Regatta Ginger. They even have a La Marzocco espresso machine so that they can pull real espresso shots! I have ordered lattes and cappucinos several times, the barista is talented, very friendly, and does awesome latte art!

So if you have not tried the Chopping Block yet, you have to! Whether it’s take-out, dine-in, or even catering, this is real quality food.